All Around the Web – March 25, 2020

AATWRussell  Moore – Does it violate religious liberty to close churches over coronavirus?

NY Times – How the Virus Got Out

TGC – How Do You Keep a Small Church Going During COVID-19?

F&T – Several Bible Verses Jump in Online Searches During Coronavirus Outbreak

Chuck Lawless – In the COVID-19 Crisis, 10 Prayers I Need to Pray More

TGC – Reexamining Idolatry: The Golden Calf and False Worship

Biblemesh – Ad Fontes—The Greek NT that Sent a ‘Shock Wave’ through Europe

TGC – Where’s Jesus in Proverbs?

F&T – 3 Types of Online Givers to Reach During the COVID-19 Outbreak

F&T – 10 Book Suggestions for Leaders During the Coronavirus Quarantine

Russell Moore – The Cross and the Jukebox Special: Kenny Rogers’ “The Gambler”

Babylon Bee – Benny Hinn Holds Healing Service In Full Hazmat Suit

Babylon Bee – Dems Worried Stimulus Bill Would Stimulate Economy

Babylon Bee – Man Almost Certain There Wasn’t A Book Of Nahum Last Time He Read The Bible

Babylon Bee – Bernie Trying To Decide Which House To Quarantine Himself In

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