All Around the Web – March 23, 2020

AATWRussell Moore – The Prosperity Gospel in a Time of Plague

Joe Carter – How to Talk to Your Family About Social Distancing

John Stonestreet – This is Your Brain on Google

TGC – A Practical Way to Love Your (Self-Isolated) Neighbor

TGC – 9 Ways to Love Your Neighbor in This Pandemic

Thom Rainer – Preparing Your Family for a Ministry Transition

TGC – 30 Edifying Things to Watch When Stuck at Home

TGC – Don’t Waste Your Family Quarantine

F&T – Integrity Should Be Every Pastor’s Middle Name

F&T – Funny Ways Church Leaders Are Dealing With Quarantines

New Republic – What Happened to Jordan Peterson?

Smithsonian Magazine – How to Virtually Explore the Smithsonian From Your Living Room

Babylon Bee – Trump Says, ‘I Don’t Want Any Americans To Die’, NYT Quotes As ‘I… Want… Americans To Die’

Babylon Bee – Professionals Work Tirelessly To Discover Which Political Party Should Be Blamed For Virus

Babylon Bee – Millennials Finally Take Coronavirus Seriously As Avocado Toast Supplies Run Out

Babylon Bee – Duggar Family Found In Violation Of Ban On Large Gatherings

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