All Around the Web – March 20, 2020

AATWTrevin Wax – No Meat or Potatoes, But the Candy Aisle Is Full

Chuck Lawless – 8 Reasons Pastors Need Your Prayer Support in These Uncertain Days

Thom Rainer – What Will the Post-Coronavirus Church Look Like?

John Stonestreet – Banning ‘Conversion Therapy’

Evangelical History – Plague and Providence: What Huldrych Zwingli Taught Me About Trusting God

F&T – 13 Creative Church Ideas for Coronavirus Quarantines

F&T – 6 Strategies for Shepherding the Flock While ‘Socially Distanced’

LifeWay Voices – 4 Aspects of the Faithful Preacher’s Simple Calling

Kentucky Today – Remain faithful in giving responsibility to your church

Disrn – Playboy print magazine to shut down, likely for good

Disrn – 2 months ago, China told the world coronavirus was not contagious

Disrn – As U.S. blood donations tank, hospitals face dangerously low supply

Babylon Bee – Leprechauns To Give Out Toilet Paper In Lieu Of Gold

Babylon Bee – Christian Under Quarantine Resigns Self To Reading Bible

Babylon Bee – Op-Ed: The Feds Really Botched This Whole Coronavirus Thing, So We Should Give Them More Power

Babylon Bee – Man Glad Science Has Finally Affirmed His Natural Instinct To Stay As Far Away From Other People As Possible

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