All Around the Web – March 19, 2020

AATWAlbert Mohler – The Humbling of Civilization: Praying for the Mercy of God

John Stonestreet – Abortion Isn’t ‘Healthcare’

Chuck Lawless – 6 Reasons the Coronavirus Threat Won’t Likely Turn Churches Outwardly—and What We Might Do about It

Tim Challies – Preparation Is Not Panic and Confusion is Not Chaos

F&T – 4 Critical Pointers for Preaching to a Camera in an Empty Room

F&T – 4 Tips for Persevering in a Rural Church

Jason Allen – Has God Called You to the Ministry?

Ray Ortlund – How to get through this stronger than ever before

F&T – 3 Ways Facebook Groups Can Bridge the ‘Social Distancing’ Gap in Churches

LifeWay Voices – COVID Fears, Quarantines, Toilet Paper Shortages, and Other Stuff You Need the Gospel For

F&T – How Your Church Can Bring Stability to the Community During COVID-19

Thom Rainer – Should You Publish a Book?

Justin Taylor – Guides for Kids and Middle-Schoolers to Take Notes During the Sermon

Babylon Bee – Greta Thunberg Condemns Coronavirus For Causing Apocalypse 10 Years Early

Babylon Bee – Churches Switch To Remote Drone Delivery For Communion

Babylon Bee – Nation’s Churches Provide Fog Machines For Families Worshiping At Home

Babylon Bee – Man Who Gets Coronavirus Relieved He Can Finally Touch His Face All He Wants


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