All Around the Web – March 14, 2020

AATWEvangelical History – When the Deadly Outbreak Comes: Counsel from Martin Luther

Chuck Lawless – 10 Random Thoughts about the Coronavirus

F&T – Free Coronavirus Response Training and Resources Available for Churches

John Stonestreet – Asia Bibi, the Nigerian Elders, and the Radical Nature of Christian Forgiveness

Think Theology – Running Towards the Plague

Crossway – Why You Should Join a Church

Thom Rainer – What If Promises Are Broken When I Lead a Revitalization?

F&T – 5 Questions to Ask to Discover Great Team Members

F&T – Top 10 Church Design Trends for 2020

Disrn – NBA suspends season after Utah Jazz player tests positive for coronavirus

Disrn – Trump suspends all travel from Europe in response to coronavirus pandemic

Disrn – March Madness games will be played without fans present

Babylon Bee – Media That Hypes Everything As A Crisis Shocked That No One Listens When Actual Crisis Arrives

Babylon Bee – The Babylon Bee Guide To Physical Contact During The Coronavirus Outbreak

Babylon Bee – PSA: Stop Using Racist Terminology

Babylon Bee – Op-Ed: What If Trump Refuses To Leave Office And Also What If He Grows Fifty Feet Tall And Shoots Lasers Out Of His Eyes?

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