All Around the Web – March 10, 2020

AATWAlbert Mohler – The Culture of Death Reclaims Ground in Germany: A Renewed Threat to Human Life

David Prince – Asbury University Chooses the Bible and Institutional Integrity Over the Spirit of the Age

Lawless – 10 Things Pastors Say Only to Other Pastors

John Stonestreet – Our Bodies Tell God’s Story

Tim Challies – The Celebrity Pastor We’ve Never Known

F&T – Godly Leaders Are Faithful—Not Flawless

F&T – 9 Wrong Ways Churches Measure Success

F&T – 8 Reasons Churches Need Doctrinal Statements

Rainer – What to Do If Your Successor Does Not Honor You

Christian Post – Ben Affleck opens up about becoming a Christian later in life, finds beauty in Jesus’ message

WORLD – Selectively woke

Disrn – CPAC attendee tests positive for coronavirus

Babylon Bee – Opinion: If Americans Aren’t Sexist, Then How Come They Refuse To Elect The Most Unlikable Women On The Planet?

Babylon Bee – ‘I Would Take A Bullet For My Faith,’ Says Man Who Won’t Pray In Public Because It’s Weird And Awkward

Babylon Bee – Historians: Women Invented Grilling To Trick Men Into Cooking

Babylon Bee –  Warren Returns To Tribe In Shame After Failing To Take Land Back From The Pale Faces

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