All Around the Web – February 27, 2020

AATWRussell Moore – The Gospel and an Atheist’s Joke

Carl Trueman – The Rise and Triumph of the Modern Self

John Stonstreet – Why Young People Leave the Church—and Why They Stay

Crossway – 10 Things You Should Know about Anglicanism

Thom Rainer – Four Major Changes in Preaching the Past Decade

Chuck Lawless – 8 Dangers of “à la carte” Christianity

TGC – How Should a Pastor Think Through Leaving His Church?

Facts & Trends – 3 Ways to Respond to Those Who Don’t Feel Connected to Your Church

WORLD – Polygamy regains lost ground in Utah

Disrn – Nearly half of mainline Protestant pastors now support same-sex marriage

Disrn – Supreme Court agrees to hear religious liberty case concerning foster care and same-sex couples

Disrn – 10-year-old who was never expected to walk finishes 5K

Babylon Bee – ‘The Science On Climate Change Is Settled,’ Says Man Who Does Not Believe The Settled Science On Gender, Unborn Babies, Economics

Babylon Bee – Nation’s Bernie Supporters Frantically Cobble Together Makeshift Rafts To Paddle To Utopian Cuba

Babylon Bee – Weinstein Cleared Of All Charges After Revealing He Was Born This Way

Babylon Bee – Biden Wishes Some Country, Any Country, Would Try To Influence Election For Him

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