All Around the Web – February 22, 2020

AATWAlbert Mohler – The Decadent and the Damned? Ross Douthat’s Timely Vision of Western Civilization

Baptist21 – The Conservative Baptist Network: 3 Observations

John Stonestreet – Why David McCullough Can’t Sleep

Facts & Trends – Surprising Concerns Pastors See the U.S. Church Facing

Chuck Lawless – 10 Needed Commitments from Bible Study Leaders

TGC – 3 Reasons to Visit an Elderly Person Soon

Thom Rainer – When Is It Time to Walk Away from a Revitalization Effort?

Facts & Trends – 6 People at Risk of Leaving Your Church

Disrn – Parents sue Wisconsin school district over policy to use children’s preferred pronouns without parental knowledge or consent

Disrn – Judge rules that college can force Christian professor to use transgender pronouns for student

Disrn – NHS staff can now refuse to treat patients deemed racist or sexist

Disrn – Protestants to take Catholic communion at John Calvin’s St. Pierre Cathedral in Geneva

Babylon Bee – God The Father Bugging Rest Of Trinity With Dad Jokes

Babylon Bee – Noah Criticized For Deforesting Region To Save Humanity

Babylon Bee – Disheveled And Covered In $100 Bills, Bernie Sanders Claims He Was Attacked By A Group Of Billionaires

Babylon Bee – Bloomberg Editorial Board Endorses Mike Bloomberg

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