All Around the Web – February 20, 2020

AATWTrevin Wax – The Maddening Contradictions Of Our Current Moment

Evangelical History – Why Are There So Few Christians in Academia?

Samuel James – The Magic of Secularism

Baptist21 – Dr. Floyd Presents 5-Year SBC Vision

Thom Rainer – A New Way to Know Your Community

Chuck Lawless – 10 Signs of a Pastor-Controlled Church

TGC – Why I Look Forward to the Pastoral Prayer at Church

Facts & Trends – The Hidden Truth Behind Bivocational Ministry

Crossway – Parents, Your Kids Need Big Theology

Facts & Trends – 7 Surefire Ways to Repel Church Visitors

The Atlantic – Evidence That Conservative Students Really Do Self-Censor

CNBC – US deficit surges 25% in fiscal 2020 and is $1.1 trillion over the past year

Albert Mohler – Is America a Decadent Society? A Conversation with New York Times Columnist Ross Douthat

Disrn – Boy Scouts of America files for bankruptcy amid hundreds of sex-abuse lawsuits, declining membership

Babylon Bee – More Evidence Jesus Was A Socialist: New Passages Say He Fed The 5000 By Robbing A Nearby Village

Babylon Bee – Worship Team Replaced By Animatronic Band From Chuck E. Cheese

Babylon Bee – Bloomberg Stops By Daytona 500 To Hand Out Speeding Tickets

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