All Around the Web – February 13, 2020

AATWAndrew Walker – Understanding Why Religious Conservatives Would Vote for Trump

John Stonestreet – Millennials and the False Gospel of Politics

Thom Rainer – 10 Church Members Who Drive Me Crazy

Chuck Lawless – 9 Problems in Children’s Ministries in the Local Church

Facts & Trends – Study: Mainline Pastors Drive Growth in Same-Sex Marriage Support

TGC – James Leo Garrett Jr. (1925–2020), the Gentleman Theologian

Facts & Trends – How Frequently Do Church Shootings Occur?

Facts & Trends – 7 Lazy Habits That Will Sink Your Ministry

Tim Challies – Why Authors Want You To Pre-Order Their New Books

LifeWay Verses – Why Your Pastor’s Wife Has Trust Issues

Facts & Trends – 5 Critical Lessons for Church Leaders from Martin Luther King Jr.

Disrn – 76% of Democrats say they would vote for a socialist for president: poll

Babylon Bee – Chaos At Oscars As Chris Hansen Appears On Stage

Babylon Bee – Climate Crisis Solved By New Jet That Runs On Liberal Hypocrisy

Babylon Bee – Bernie Sanders Confused By New Hampshire State Motto ‘Live Free Or Die’ — ‘Both Of Those Options Sound Horrible’

Babylon Bee – Academy Unveils First Transgender Oscar Trophy

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