All Around the Web – January 22, 2019

AATWRodd Dreher – Hating So Love Can Win

Denny Burk – The Law of Merited Impossibility Comes True

John Stonestreet – Dr. Martin Luther King and the Nature of Law

Canon Fodder – One of the Most Overlooked Reasons Why We Should Trust the Bible

Thom Rainer – Five Reasons God May Be Calling You to Church Revitalization

TGC – 10 Ways Pastors Can Encourage Church Attendance

GetReligion – Concerning a Christian-school student and her rainbow birthday cake (and online pics)

Via Emmaus – Ten Truths about God’s Incommunicable and Communicable Attributes

Disrn – D.C. Women’s March dwindles to fewer than 10K participants after 100K last year, 500K in 2017

Disrn – Video of 3-year-old leading preschool classmates in prayer goes viral

Southern Living – The Andy Griffith theme song has lyrics and our day is made

Babylon Bee – How To Succeed At Multi-Level Marketing

Babylon Bee – Governor Northam: ‘Virginia Will Be Kept Comfortable While Lawmakers Debate Whether To Kill It’

Babylon Bee – Peter Jackson To Honor Christopher Tolkien With 578-Film Adaptation Of ‘The Silmarillion’

Babylon Bee – ‘We’ll Take Good Care Of These,’ Says Mitch McConnell While Placing Impeachment Articles In Special Rectangular Filing Bin

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