All Around the Web – January 11, 2019

AATWCarl Trueman – A Strange Split in the UMC

John Stonestreet – Co-Opting China’s Churches

TGC – How Sex Became King

Chuck Lawless – Is Your Church Expectant or Reactionary?

Thom Rainer – Why Churches Must Work Together in Revitalization – Revitalize and Replant #127

Facts & Trends – 7 Details Christians Get Wrong About the Bible

Open Culture – The Vatican Library Goes Online and Digitizes Tens of Thousands of Manuscripts, Books, Coins, and More

Facts & Trends – 5 Social Media Trends Churches Should Know About in 2020

Facts & Trends – Jonathan Evans Delivers Viral Eulogy of His Mother Lois Evans

TGC – Why You Need Sermons That Don’t Directly Apply to You

Vox – The 2010s Were Supposed to Bring the ebook Revolution. It Never Quite Came.

Atlantic – Stop Believing in Free Shipping

Tennessean – Lamar Jackson is embarrassing the NFL’s scouting process like few before him

Babylon Bee – Iran To Replace State-Run Television With MSNBC Broadcast

Babylon Bee – Man Driving Alone In Carpool Lane Informs Officer His Preferred Pronoun Is ‘They’

Babylon Bee – Trump Holds Morning Press Conference To Moon Iran On National Television

Babylon Bee – More Unborn Babies Disguising Themselves As Baby Yoda To Avoid Being Aborted


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