All Around the Web – January 3, 2019

AATWKevin DeYoung – A New Year’s Resolution: Don’t Try to Be With It

Denny Burk – CT’s deeply flawed article about tax exemptions for churches

John Stonestreet – Marijuana and Psychosis

Thom Rainer – Six Things I Pray I Won’t Do as a Senior Adult in My Church

TGC – 5 Things to Consider When a Missionary Asks You for Money

Chuck Lawless – 7 of my Prayer Requests for 2020

TGC – The 19th-Century Pastor Who Made TGC’s 2020 Reading Plan

Christian Adulthood – Ten Books I Read Every Year, by John Mark Reynolds

Thinking Christian – Reading Old Books in 2020

Denny Burk – Top Ten YouTubes of the 2010’s

Mental Floss – The Reason Behind Those Brightly Colored Balls Along Power Lines

USA Today – Louisville defeats Mississippi State in Music City Bowl to complete turnaround season

Babylon Bee – Buttigieg Calls For Decriminalizing Crime

Babylon Bee – Trump Makes New Year’s Resolution To Continue Being As Great As He Always Is

Babylon Bee – Nation’s Churches Scramble To Upgrade To Y2K-Compliant Computers

Babylon Bee –Baptists Prepare To Celebrate New Year With Finest Bottle Of Sparkling Apple Cider

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