All Around the Web – December 24, 2019

AATWFacts & Trends – 6 Exciting Biblical Archaeology Discoveries in 2019

TGC – How Emotions Drive Unbelief

Evangelical History – ‘Christianity Today’ and Evangelical Anti-Trumpism

John Stonestreet – Handel’s—and Jennens’s—“Messiah”

Stand to Reason – Mary, Joseph, and Jesus Were Not Refugees

Thom Rainer – Four Occasions When a Pastor Should Draw a Line in the Sand

Chuck Lawless – 7 of My Hopes for this Christmas Weekend

Facts & Trends – U.S. House Paves the Way to Repeal the Church ‘Parking Lot Tax’

TGC – 19 Pieces of Goodness in 2019 Pop Culture

Facts & Trends – 10 Most Popular Stories of 2019 at Facts & Trends

Disrn – Male athlete who identifies as female opts out of women’s Handball Championships due to not being allowed to use women’s showers

Disrn – Male who identifies as woman files lawsuit after being denied entry into all-female beauty pageant

Disrn – USDA website lists fictional “Black Panther” country Wakanda as trading partner

Babylon Bee – In Unexpected Plot Twist, Far Left Now The Ones Burning Harry Potter Books

Babylon Bee – New Woke Football League To Feature Moving Goal Posts

Babylon Bee – Heartwarming: Antifa Member Suddenly Realizes The True Fascist Was Inside Him All Along

Babylon Bee – Bombshell Report Indicates Parents May Have Bribed Kids To Smile For Christmas Photo

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