All Around the Web – December 5, 2019

AATWDA Carson – But . . . That’s Just Your Interpretation!

John Stonestreet – Why Are We Still Funding This?

Chuck Lawless – 7 Words of Encouragement to Keep Praying for Non-believing Loved Ones

Evangelical History – Protestant Relics and the Graves of Whitefield and Edwards

Crossway – 5 Things Your Children Need from You

Facts & Trends – How Is the Economy Impacting Churches?

Thom Rainer – What Church Leaders Must Know for 2020 – An Interview with Dave Travis of Generis

Russell Moore – My Favorite Books of 2019

TGC – Themelios 44.3

USA Today – Husband and wife die a day apart after being married 68 years

Babylon Bee – Kamala Harris Forced To Rely On Prison Labor For Struggling Campaign

Babylon Bee – Kamala Harris Demoted To Meter Maid After Failed Campaign

Babylon Bee – Lisa Page To Teach College Course On How To Make Yourself Out To Be A Victim

Babylon Bee – Wise Men Actually Just Sent Gifts Using Free Prime Shipping, Scholars Now Believe

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