All Around the Web – November 28, 2019

AATWHappy Thanksgiving!

Carl Trueman – Title IX Trouble for Fuller Seminary

Facts & Trends – C.S. Lewis’ Last Words Still Ring True

John Stonestreet – Hong Kong Chooses Democracy

Doug Wilson – Idiocracy

Facts & Trends – 2 Biblical Cases for Change in Ministry

Thom Rainer – Why the Local Church Is the Key Instrument of the Great Commission

Chuck Lawless – More Practical Responses to the Most Common Requests from Young Seminarians: Knowing God’s Will, Finding Accountability, and Doing Evangelism

Facts & Trends – Young Adults Feel Isolated and Anxious

DA Carson – Can a Fallen Christian Leader Ever Be Restored?

Denny Burk – Spurgeon urging men and women to be “all at it”

GetReligion – NYTimes highlights 2020 Democrats’ unapologetic support for abortion rights, sans religion

Babylon Bee – Millennials In Panic As Outraged Boomers Threaten To Withhold Participation Trophies

Babylon Bee – Nation Looking For Right Phrase To Describe Media That Behaves Like Some Kind Of Adversary Of The Populace

Babylon Bee – Nerdy Guy At Church Automatically Assigned To Tech Ministry

Babylon Bee – Slavery Is Plantation Care

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