All Around the Web – November 27, 2019

AATWJohn Stonestreet – Are there Limits to Denying Reality?

Thom Rainer – Five Reasons Rural and Small-Town Churches Are Making a Comeback

TGC – Is It OK to Pay My Child with Screen Time?

Chuck Lawless – Practical Responses to the Most Common Requests from Young Seminarians: How to Pray, Balance Life, and Budget

Desiring God – Humility Was His Secret Strength

TGC – Is It OK to Confess That Jesus Descended into Hell?

Tim Challies – 4 Common Critics and Constructive Ways to Respond to Them

TGC – ‘Judge Not’ Isn’t the Ultimate Mic Drop

Facts & Trends – What Pastors Can Learn From a Converted Musician

TGC – Why Christians Should Talk More Openly About Our Finances

Kentucky Today – Christian persecution spikes in Hindu-nationalist India

Smithsonian – What the Fight Over Scooters Has in Common With the 19th-Century Battle Over Bicycles

Babylon Bee – BREAKING: White House Involved In Stunning Plot Of Murder And Bribery — UPDATE: Never Mind. It Was During The Obama Administration. Deleting.

Babylon Bee – Democratic Candidates Clash Over Most Effective Plan To Destroy Economy

Babylon Bee – AOC Says There Is Too Much Division In Our Country When Addition And Subtraction Are Hard Enough

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