All Around the Web – November 21, 2019

AATWJohn Stonestreet – Chick-Fil-A Announces New Giving Priorities

Theolatte – Why C.S. Lewis Wouldn’t Write for Christianity Today

Think Pastorally – A Pastor in Therapy

TGC – The Digital Revolution Reformation

Reformation21 – On Pastoral Laziness (Charles Wingard)

Bruce Ashford – These immigration reforms will make America good as well as great

Crossway – 10 Things You Should Know about Demons and Satan

TGC – Religious Liberty Is for Everyone’s Good

Chuck Lawless – A Simple Method for Church Leaders to Pray One Hour Today

Facts & Trends – Half of Pastors See Opioid Abuse in Their Own Congregations

Bloomberg – As birthrates fall, countries will be forced to adapt or fall behind.

Babylon Bee – In Genius Move, Trump Supports Impeachment, Forcing Democrats To Oppose

Babylon Bee – Baptist Children’s Bible Depicts Eve Wearing Floor-Length Denim Skirt

Babylon Bee – Joseph Stalin Warns Dems May Be Going Too Far Left

Babylon Bee – Cute Thing Kid Supposedly Said Just So Happens To Line Up Exactly With Parents’ Political Views

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