All Around the Web – November 18, 2019

AATWKevin DeYoung – Theological Primer: Impeccability

Public Discourse – New Data Show “Gender-Affirming” Surgery Doesn’t Really Improve Mental Health. So Why Are the Study’s Authors Saying It Does?

9Marks – 4 Members Who Tear Down the Church

John Stonestreet – Countdown to Christmas

Chuck Lawless – 10 Ways the Enemy Gets an “Up”per Hand in our Churches

Facts & Trends – 6 Questions to Diagnose Your Small Group Health

Think Theology – One of the Best Illustrations I’ve Heard in Years

Thom Rainer – Five Ways Your Church Budget May Be Broken

Facts & Trends  – 4 Reasons You Can’t Assume People Know the Gospel

The Federalists – No, Human Beings Aren’t Happier When We Ditch Monogamy For Polyamory

Disrn – Paula White promises “sudden defeat over enemies” in return for $229 donation to her ministry

Babylon Bee – Disney+ Warns Subscribers Some Old Content May Feature White, Cisgendered, Heterosexual Males

Babylon Bee – ‘We Don’t Need To Look Into The Bidens’ Corruption,’ Insists Rep. Schiff While Attempting Jedi Mind Trick

Babylon Bee – Airport Revenues Soar After Allowing Travelers To Pay To Turn Off CNN

Babylon Bee – More Households Saving Money By Replacing Cable TV With 47 Different Streaming Services


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