All Around the Web – November 7, 2019

AATWTrevin Wax – “Glorious But Terrifying Isolation” – Individualism in American Culture

TGC – Should We Use Humor in Our Preaching?

Baptist21 – The Blessings of Being a Pastor’s Wife

John Stonestreet – “No Safe Spaces”

Chuck Lawless – 9 Things about America that Surprise Returning Missionaries

Facts & Trends – 4 Tips for Praying in a Rural Church

For the Church – 3 Ways to Turn Against Your Pastor

Thom Rainer – Four Things Your Church Should Know about Fostering a Church

Justin Taylor – 15 Theses on Evangelical Theology

Facts & Trends – 3 Problems to Consider Before Making Changes in Your Ministry

Yahoo! – Even running just once a week could significantly lower your risk of death says new study

Babylon Bee – Archaeologists Discover AR-15 Cain Used To Kill Abel

Babylon Bee – Bible Scholars Now Believe Writing On The Wall Actually Said ‘Epstein Didn’t Kill Himself’

Babylon Bee – Bernie Sanders Promises Crowd He Will Lock Trump Up And Also Millions Of Others Once The Gulags Are Up And Running

Babylon Bee – Congregation Horrified As Worship Pastor Accidentally Plays Kanye West Song From Old Album

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