All Around the Web – November 5, 2019

AATWKevin DeYoung – Five Questions about Faith and Works

Kentucky Today – Mohler to be nominated as SBC president at 2020 convention

Uncommon Descent – Phillip Johnson: Jun 18, 1940–Nov 2, 2019 (aged 79)

Tim Challies – Why It Matters that We Call the Final Book of the Bible Revelation, not Revelations

Thom Rainer – Five Reasons Your Church’s Giving May Have Dropped Significantly This Year

Facts & Trends – 5 Ways to Avoid Being a Pathologically Disappointed Pastor

Chuck Lawless – 11 Monday Questions for Church Leaders

John Piper – Advice for Christians Who Work Sundays

Crossway – Infographic: How Is Your Prayer Life?

Baptist Press – Mohler: ‘I Will Accept Nomination’ as SBC President

Disrn – Nearly 1,000 medical professionals in Northern Ireland vow not to perform abortions after legalization

Babylon Bee – Beto Drops Out Of Race To Spend More Time Taking Guns From His Family

Babylon Bee – Nation Surprised To Learn Beto O’Rourke Was Running For President

Babylon Bee – Constitution Breathes Sigh Of Relief As Beto Drops Out Of Race

Babylon Bee – Child Assures Neighbors He’s Wearing An Adorable Costume Under Four Layers Of Winter Gear

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