All Around the Web – October 31, 2019

AATWTrevin Wax – G.K. Chesterton Before the U.S. Supreme Court

John Piper – Should We Stop Reading Dead White Guys?

Justin Taylor – Bart Ehrman and Peter Williams Debate Whether We Can Trust the Gospels

John Stonestreet – The Crime of “Ecocide”

Thom Rainer – Six Seismic Shifts in Church Health

Facts & Trends – 3 Ways Churches Should Champion Single Adults

ERLC – Why a 7 Year-old Boy’s “Gender Transition” Is Sparking National Outrage

The Federalists – LGBT Activists Get Church Banned From Arts For Believing The Bible

Study Finds – No Excuses: Americans Have Ample Free Time To Exercise, But Choose Screen Time Instead

AP – Survey: Number of kids watching online videos soars

Disrn – Big Sky Conference names biological male “female athlete of the week”

Babylon Bee – Texas Luring Jobs Away From California With Promises Of Electricity

Babylon Bee – Trump Gets Dems To Interrupt Baseball, Condemn Dogs, Side With Terrorists All Within 24 Hours

Babylon Bee – Trump Claims He Personally Pushed Al-Baghdadi Off Nakatomi Plaza

Babylon Bee – Bob The Tomato Praised For Being A Fruit Who Identifies As A Vegetable

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