All Around the Web – October 30, 2019

AATWTGC – Kanye West: From ‘I Am a God’ to ‘Jesus Is King’

John Stonestreet – Is an Embryo a Person?

Justin Taylor – Does Science Disprove Adam and Eve? An Interview with a Biologist and a Mathematician

Chuck Lawless – 10 Reasons Why Pastors Unfortunately Lose Friendships

Tim Challies – Why Your Church Should Sing New Songs (Not Only Old Songs)

Facts & Trends – 2 Takeaways From Two Decades of Ministry

Facts & Trends – 5 Ways to Build Trust as a Pastor

TGC – 6 Ways to Lead and Love Your Wife

Ross Douthat – The Overstated Collapse of American Christianity

Albert Mohler – Did America Have a Christian Founding? A Conversation with Professor Mark David Hall

Disrn – Major study finds U.S. citizens are most generous in the world

Disrn – Poll: 70% of millennials would vote for socialist candidate

Babylon Bee –

Babylon Bee –

Babylon Bee – Conservatives Successfully Conserve Massive Deficits

Babylon Bee – Recording Industry Adds ‘Explicitly Christian’ Warning Label To Kanye’s New Album

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