All Around the Web – October 16, 2019

AATWJoe Carter – Religious Liberty Is Originally a Christian Idea

Trevin Wax – 4 Surprises about the Religious Practice of 20-Somethings

John Stonestreet – China’s War on the Bible

Justin Taylor – ‘This Word Must Be Preached’: John Piper’s Call to the Pastorate

Chuck Lawless – 7 Reasons Pastors Should Help Teach the Toddlers’ Class for a Sunday

Crossway – No, Protestantism Didn’t Start with the Reformation

Facts & Trends – 8 Unrealistic Expectations of Church Leaders—and How to Navigate Them

Thom Rainer – Top Ten Ways Churches Drive Away First-Time Guests (Re-visited)

TGC – Dark Material: The Gospel of Philip Pullman

Kentucky Today – Christian casualties follow U.S. retreat from Syria

Paradox Uganda – Africa Shining: Running faster, Stopping War, Curing Ebola, Bringing Life

Disrn – Trump surprises Little League champs with ride home on Air Force One

Babylon Bee – Elizabeth Warren Directs Audience To Look Into Flashy Thing From Men In Black So They’ll Forget Her Previous Contradictory Statements

Babylon Bee – To Eliminate Churches’ Unfair Tax Exemptions, Trump Declares Everyone Tax-Exempt

Babylon Bee – President Xi Makes NBA All-Star Team

Babylon Bee – NBA Now Requiring All Players To Stand For Chinese National Anthem

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