All Around the Web – October 9, 2019

AATWJoe Carter – The FAQs: Supreme Court to Hear Louisiana Abortion Case

Andrew Walker – Kanye, Conversion, and the Ethics of Learned Obedience

John Stonestreet – InterVarsity and Religious Freedom Prevail

Facts & Trends – 6 Unseen Burdens of Church Leaders

TGC – Can We Please Stop Saying ‘My Truth’?

Facts & Trends – 3 Valuable Lessons Nursing Home Visitation Taught Me

TGC – Courage, and Tactics, in the Gender Debate

Cripplegate – The Three Wishes of Jude

Tim Challies – The Servers and the Servicers in Every Church

Disrn – Florida sheriff’s deputy delivers baby in car after pulling parents over for speeding

Babylon Bee – 10 Strange But True Facts About The Bible

Babylon Bee – Media Warns Excessive Forgiveness Could Set Back Outrage Narrative Hundreds Of Years

Babylon Bee – Unable To Compete With Reality, Babylon Bee Founder Starts Real News Site

Babylon Bee – Staffer Nervously Informs Hillary Clinton She Lost 2016 Election


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