All Around the Web – October 8, 2019

AATWDavid French – Don’t Misunderstand the ‘White Christian’ Reaction to Brandt Jean’s Act of Forgiveness

Trevin Wax – C. S. Lewis’ Last Written Word: We Have No Right to Happiness

Carl Trueman – How to Respond to the Cultural Scream of Identity Politics

Thom Rainer – The Biggest Demographic Churches Are Missing

Chuck Lawless – 8 Ways to “Redeem” Your Cell Phone for Ministry Use

LifeSite News – The world watched more than 500,000 YEARS of porn in 2016

Crossway – Podcast: C. S. Lewis on Truth, Beauty, and the Human Heart (Joe Rigney)

BreakPoint – Podcast: The Sexual Revolution, Identity Politics, and Religious Liberty

Facts & Trends – You Are Not Your Congregation’s Personal Spiritual Trainer

Sky News – ‘Hundreds’ of young trans people seeking help to return to original sex

Babylon Bee – Homeschoolers Go On Field Trip To See Wild Animals At Public School

Babylon Bee – All Democrats Drop Out Of Presidential Race Since The World Is Ending From Climate Change And There’s No Point

Babylon Bee – Israelites Declare Prophetess Deborah To Be ‘Shrill,’ ‘Unlikable’

Babylon Bee – New App Helps You Find Someone To Fake A Hate Crime Against You








































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