All Around the Web – September 18, 2019

AATWTrevin Wax – We Should Always Take Life ‘One Day At a Time’

Public Discourse – Faithful Living in a Fractious Age: Evaluating “Fairness for All” in Light of Christian Theology

Sam Storms – Do Christians and Muslims Worship the Same God?

TGC – Serious Bible Study Is for Teens, Too

Facts & Trends – What the Single Adults in Your Church Might Be Wondering

Jason K. Allen – Carl Trueman, the Osteens & the Quest for Evangelical Identity

TGC – When You Want to Stay at Home with Kids But Can’t

AP – Liberty students protest in wake of reports about Falwell

ESPN – The grandmaster diet: How to lose weight while barely moving

Study Finds – Stumped: Just 2 In 5 Americans Could Name One Of Their Local Congress Members

Babylon Bee – Preacher Coughs Every Time He Comes Across Unpronounceable Name In Bible

Babylon Bee – New York Times Reveals Source On Kavanaugh Allegations Was Reputable Nigerian Prince

Babylon Bee – Democrats Warn That Airplanes May Stage Another Attack, Similar To 9/11

Babylon Bee – Nation’s Murderous Psychopaths Undecided On Whether They’ll Follow New Gun Laws

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