All Around the Web – September 12, 2019

AATWPolitico – ‘Someone’s Gotta Tell the Freakin’ Truth’: Jerry Falwell’s Aides Break Their Silence

Justin Taylor – Bavinck: No, Individualism and Autonomy Did Not Come from the Reformation

John Stonestreet – A Marvel of (Intelligent) Design

Live Action – StemExpress CEO admits under oath to harvesting ‘intact’ aborted children

Thom Rainer – Seven Ways to Hurt Your Pastor – Rainer on Leadership #570

Facts & Trends – 3 Reasons Your Church Shouldn’t Be a Perfect Fit for You

Facts & Trends – 6 Ways to Study the Minor Prophets

Russell Moore – On the Issues: The Gospel

Chuck Lawless – 8 More Challenging and Convicting Thoughts from Leaders

Facts & Trends – Vast Majority of Churches Still Have Wednesday Night Activities


Amusing Planet – Where Do the World’s Oceans Meet?

Anchorage Daily News – Todd Palin files for divorce from former Alaska governor Sarah Palin

Babylon Bee – Trump Cancels Taliban Meeting After Learning It’s THAT Taliban

Babylon Bee – Nation’s Raging Dumpster Fires Ask People To Stop Comparing Them To American Politics

Babylon Bee – Insane Guy Shouting He’ll Buy Back Your Stuff With Your Own Money Becomes Popular Democratic Candidate

Babylon Bee – House That Took Five Hours To Clean Destroyed By Kids In Fourteen Seconds

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