All Around the Web – September 6, 2019

AATWJoe Carter – Ruling in Marriage and Filmmaking Case a Victory for Religious Freedom

Relevant – Whoa, Benny Hinn Is Rejecting the Prosperity Gospel: ‘I’m Correcting My Theology’

Jason K. Allen – How to Assemble Your Sermon

TGC – Leadership Lessons from Chick-fil-A

TGC – 5 Books You Should Read on the Prosperity Gospel

Chuck Lawless – 12 Signs that Leaders Have Become Kings of Their Own Kingdoms

Facts & Trends – 6 Ways to Lead Staff Meetings That Don’t Stink

Facts & Trends – 4 Steps to Healthy Ministry Boundaries in an Age of Accessibility

TGC – Real Joy Has an Address

Facts & Trends – Gleaning Wisdom From Christian Leaders of the Past

Daily Star – Biblical bombshell as archaeologists discover origins of David and Goliath battle

NY Times – Those Hurricane Maps Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

Babylon Bee – Experts: It May Be Too Late To Halt Climate Change Town Hall On CNN

Babylon Bee – Walmart Asks Customers To Stop Shopping In Sleepwear, Even In States Where It’s Legal

Babylon Bee – New Christian Movie Follows High School Football Team That Overcomes Adversity But Still Loses Every Game Of The Season

Babylon Bee – For Safety Of Students, Catholic School Bans Concealed Carry Of Harry Potter Books


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