All Around the Web – August 29, 2019

AATWJohn Stonestreet – A Win for Free Speech and Conscience Rights…

TGC – How Pornography Makes Us Less Human and Less Humane

TGC – Yes, Actually, God Does Demand Perfection

Facts & Trends – 8 Ways to Impact Your Community By Blessing Local Schools

Facts & Trends – Most Americans Want Little Influence From Religious Leaders

Thom Rainer – Seven Major Ways Pastors Discern It’s Time to Leave Their Church – Rainer on Leadership #566

Chuck Lawless – The Anguish of Sin

Mark Driscoll – Is Your Spouse Your Best Friend?

Christianity Today – How Billy Graham Learned the Art of Preaching

Evangelical History – Five Great Books on Thomas Jefferson

Pew Research Center – Reflecting a demographic shift, 109 U.S. counties have become majority nonwhite since 2000

Babylon Bee – Jesus Ratioed On Twitter For Saying ‘Love Your Enemies’

Babylon Bee – ‘The Star Wars Finale Will Answer All Of Your Questions,’ Says Guy Who Created ‘Lost’

Babylon Bee – Nation’s Chick-Fil-A Employees Begin Marching Around Popeyes Restaurants Blowing Trumpets

Babylon Bee – CNN: ‘Our Ratings Are Only Tanking Because Trump Is Killing Off Viewers By The Millions’

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