All Around the Web – August 24, 2019

AATWTrevin Wax – Is the Church an Instrument?

Desiring God – Humility Is Not Hating Yourself

John Stonestreet – The Declining Respect for Clergy

Sean McDowell – What Did Jesus Think about Sex? 5 Observations.

Christianity Today – Celebrate Sexual Ethics. Don’t Apologize for Them.

TGC – 5 Words to Avoid in Sermons

Thom Rainer – Seven Reasons a Guiding Coalition Is Vital in Church Revitalization – Revitalize & Replant #107

Ron Edmondson – 5 Questions to Ask When Facing Rejection as a Leader

Chuck Lawless – 8 Reasons Sunday School Classes or Small Groups Turn Inwardly

LifeNews – Kentucky Could Become Abortion Free as State Denies License to Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz

Facts & Trends – 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Young Pastor

Babylon Bee – Tlaib And Omar Try To Sneak Into Israel Stacked On Top Of Each Other Inside A Trenchcoat

Babylon Bee – Trump Announces He Was Born Of A Virgin And Will Bring Balance To The Force

Babylon Bee – Trump’s Loyalty To Republican Values Questioned After He Actually Does Something To Defund Planned Parenthood

Babylon Bee – Concerning Survey Finds Too Many People Believe Snopes Is A Legitimate Fact-Checking Website

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