All Around the Web – August 21, 2019

AATWTrevin Wax – How The Church Became “Missional”

Public Discourse – How the Rise in Unreligious Americans affects Sex and Marriage: Comparative Evidence from New Survey Data

John Stonestreet – A Failure of Faith Formation

Facts & Trends – One of the Least Wanted Traits of a College Roommate—Being an Evangelical Christian

Chuck Lawless – 7 Questions to Ask about the Length of a Worship Service

TGC – Hell Is More Than a Choice

Christian Post – James MacDonald hints at return to ministry to followers

Independent – Church of England staring at oblivion as just 2% of young Britons say they identify with it

Palm Beach Post – EXCLUSIVE: After sex scandal, Billy Graham’s grandson is starting a church in Palm Beach Gardens

The Hill – F-bombs away: Why lawmakers are cursing now more than ever (Language warning)

Babylon Bee – Hollywood Wedding Chapel Now Offering Same-Day Divorce Services

Babylon Bee – Alexa Helpfully Interrupts Couple’s Argument To Provide Recordings Of Their Previous Conversations

Babylon Bee – Trump To Buy Greenland, Install Shiplap, Hardwood Floors, Flip For Profit

Babylon Bee – God Demands America Remove ‘In God We Trust’ From Currency

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