All Around the Web – August 16, 2019

AATWAlbert Mohler – There Is No Escape from the Justice of God: Christian Thinking about the Death of Jeffrey Epstein

Trevin Wax – The Church Isn’t Missional?

Tim Challies – Missing Elements in Our Discussions about Apostasy

John Stonstreet – Breaking Up with Purity Culture?

Cogent Christianity – Skillet’s John Cooper on Apostasy Among Young Christian Leaders

Facts & Trends – 5 Strategies for Implementing Successful Changes in Ministry

Thom Rainer – Five Lessons We Have Learned from the Revitalizer Profile

Chuck Lawless – 9 Places to Find Church Workers

CNN – Archaeologists find evidence of Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem — as told in the Bible

CNN – From Reagan to Trump: Here’s how stocks performed under each president

Baptist Press – State agency’s transgender ideology and foster families

Babylon Bee – Bill Clinton: Epstein’s Cause Of Death Depends On What Your Definition Of ‘Suicide’ Is

Babylon Bee – Trump Rewards Himself For Great Job This Week With ‘World’s Best President’ Mug From White House Gift Shop

Babylon Bee – Snopes Strikes Deal With Netflix To Provide On-Screen Fact Checks Of Fictional Shows, Movies

Babylon Bee – New Law Requires All Cutting Implements To Be Replaced With Paper Knives

That moment when a congregation thought John Piper was a comedian.

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