All Around the Web – August 14, 2019

AATWJoe Carter – 9 Things You Should Know about the Manson Family Cult

Trevin Wax – Mark Galli Takes On the Missional Movement

John Stonstreet – Twitter Isn’t Real

Sam Luce – Why I Don’t Tell My Kids They Can Be Anything They Want To Be.

Facts & Trends  – Americans’ Opinion of the Church Continues to Fall

Thom Rainer – What Do You Do If Most of Your Church Members Do Not Live in the Community?

Chuck Lawless – 10 Times When Church is Really Sweet

Sam Storms – Joshua Harris and God’s Preservation of his People

Facts & Trends – 5 Ways to Lead a Church to Fulfill the Great Commission

Axios – The rural America death spiral

American Conservative – When Free Speech Clashes With Trans Power

Babylon Bee – Exposé: We Found A Map Of Everyone Whose President Is Donald Trump

Babylon Bee – Biden Clarifies: ‘I Like All Races, Even The Bad Ones’

Babylon Bee – Mormons Launch Sacred Underwear Store ‘Brigham’s Secret’

Babylon Bee – To Show Support For Gun Control, Matt Damon Remakes Bourne Series With Bananas Instead Of Firearms

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