All Around the Web – July 29, 2019

AATWRussell Moore – Why People Love the Aging Face App

John Stonestreet – Transhumanism

Christian Post – Liberal churches’ religious freedom is safe because they ‘surrendered’ to the culture, says Al Mohler

Thom Rainer – Six Reasons You Should Invite People to a Revitalizing Church – Revitalize & Replant #103

Facts & Trends – 4 Steps of Personal Discipleship for Pastors

TGC – Don’t Squander the Little Years

Facts & Trends – 4 Qualities of People Who Should Have Your Ear

Facts & Trends – 14 Ways to Create Harmony on a Church Staff

CNN – US fertility rate falls to ‘all-time low,’ CDC says

The Atlantic – They Tried to Start a Church Without God. For a While, It Worked.

Babylon Bee – ‘There Is No Slippery Slope,’ Says Movement Hurtling Down Slippery Slope At Maximum Velocity

Babylon Bee – Elizabeth Warren Changes Twitter Profile To Include Authentic Indian Name

Babylon Bee – TVs In Waiting Room Outside Hell Playing Steady Stream Of CNN

Babylon Bee – England Gets New King Or Something

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