All Around the Web – July 17, 2019

AATWJohn Stonestreet – Cow Cuddling, Goat Yoga, and Comfort Ducks

Thom Rainer – Seven Reasons Why We Need to Move Beyond the Church Size Debate

Chuck Lawless – 7 Evidences We Might Be Stuck in the Christian Bubble

TGC – How to Avoid Anger Overload in the Digital Age

Facts & Trends – Pastoring Through the Dark Night of the Soul

TGC – The Book I Keep Rereading—Even though It Gets Less Funny Each Time

Tim Challies – When Christians Just Don’t Read the Bible

TGC – How Should I Preach Chiasms?

The Week – Liberals’ Astonishingly Radical Shift On Gender

LA Times – How Millennials Replaced Religion with Astrology and Crystals

Pocket – The Best Running Tips of All Time

Babylon Bee – New Study Confirms All Your Opinions Are Correct

Babylon Bee – Youth Pastor Complains Of Pay Gap Between Him And Actual Pastor

Babylon Bee – New Line Of Patriarchal Thermostats Includes ‘Freeze All Women To Death’ Button

Babylon Bee – Small Group Sits In Awkward Silence For 14 Hours Waiting For Someone To Answer Leader’s Question

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