All Around the Web – June 27, 2019

AATWTrevin Wax – The Great Temptation for the Multi-Directional Leader

SBTS – Persecution was part of life for our Baptist forebears

Denny Burk – The Sexual Revolution in a Nutshell

John Stonestreets – Incels, Transgenderism, & Distinctions without a Difference

LifeWay – Marxism: A False Religion That Cannot Deliver on Its Promises

Thom Rainer – Seven Ways to Be a Unifying Church Member – Rainer on Leadership #548

Chuck Lawless – 7 Reasons Why Daily Bible Reading Matters

Facts & Trends – 4 Ways Pastors Can Encourage One Another

BBC – The Arab world in seven charts: Are Arabs turning their backs on religion?

CBS – Two-thirds of American employees regret their college degrees

Babylon Bee – Democratic Candidates Announce Plan To Dangle Stacks Of Cash In Front Of Potential Voters

Babylon Bee – Scholars: Lot’s Wife Actually Died Trying To Take Selfie While Fleeing Sodom

Babylon Bee – Netflix To Begin Displaying Political Affiliations Of Actors Onscreen

Babylon Bee –  Report: Internet Users Who Call For Attacking Other Countries Will Now Be Enlisted In The Military Automatically

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