All Around the Web – June 1, 2019

AATWSupreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas – Abortion and Eugenics

Evangelical History – Packer on What 3 Types of Evangelicals Could Learn from the Puritans

TGC – Want an Extraordinary Marriage? Be an Ordinary Christian

Facts & Trends – 4 Reasons Why Ascension Day Matters

IMB – The Difference between Shiite and Sunni Muslims and Why It Matters

Facts & Trends – 2 Vital Impressions Every Guest Should Have at Your Church

TGC – Why Big Tech Struggles with Ethics

Albert Mohler – Ask Anything Live (Episode 10)

Cripplegate – Some Podcasts for Christians & Church Leaders

9 to 5 Mac – Washington Post finds 5,400 app trackers sending data from an iPhone

WTOP – Rare color footage brings D-Day memories alive, 75 years on

Babylon Bee – Feminists Praise Inspiring Deleted Scene Where Captain Marvel Gets An Abortion

Babylon Bee – ‘Jesus Freak’ Officially Recognized As 151st Psalm

Babylon Bee – Man Vows To Show Love Of Christ To His Neighbors If They Ever Accidentally Make Eye Contact

Babylon Bee – Robert Mueller Assures Liberals He Will One Day Return To Judge Donald Trump Before Being Taken Up Into Heaven

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