All Around the Web – May 31, 2019

AATWSam Storms – What Should We Think about the International House of Prayer in Kansas City (IHOPKC) and Mike Bickle? Part One

John Stonestreet – The Bedroom and the Pew

Facts & Trends – 10 Top Questions From Ministry Couples (Part Two)

TGC – What Makes a Good Pastor?

Thom Rainer – Eight Reasons Some Pastors Aren’t Ready to Lead Church Revitalization

TGC – How Can You Tell if a Church Is Gospel-Centered? Start with the Pulpit.

Chuck Lawless – REPOST: On the Use of Humor in the Pulpit

Tim Challies – What Does It Mean To Be A Christian Blogger?

Practical Shepherding – Should pastors receive gifts from church members?

CNBC – 25% of Americans say they worry about money ‘all the time’

USA Today – Rural Americans would be serfs if we abolished the Electoral College

Babylon Bee – Murderers Concerned As More States Cracking Down On Murder

Babylon Bee – New Evidence Suggests Cain Killed Abel After Five-Hour Game Of Monopoly

Babylon Bee – Groot In Hot Water After Recent ‘I Am Groot’ Comments

Babylon Bee – Discover God’s Will For Your Life With This One Weird Trick!

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