All Around the Web – March 18, 2019

AATWTrevin Wax – Can You Be Certain and Humble at the Same Time?

Evangelical History – How to Call Christians Out on Twitter

John Stonestreet – ‘Born This Way’

TGC – 8 Ways for Men to Make the Friends They Won’t Admit They Need

Facts & Trends – Support for Same-Sex Marriage Plateaus

TGC – A Vocabulary for Life’s Dark Days

Chuck Lawless – 8 Reasons It’s Increasingly Difficult to Raise Preacher’s Kids (PK’s) Today

Thom Rainer – The One Major Unspoken Barrier to Revitalization – Revitalize & Replant #093

Facts & Trends – 3 Ways to Respond to Couples in Crisis

Facts & Trends – An Open Letter to the Pastor Doubting His Calling

TGC – Most Abortion-Minded Women Aren’t Calculating Killers. They’re Afraid.

AP – US births lowest in 3 decades despite improving economy

Babylon Bee – Experts Warn Murders Will Just Occur In Back Alleys If Murder Outlawed

Babylon Bee – An Exclusive Look At The New Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Comic Book

Babylon Bee – Scholars Now Believe The Last Supper Was Actually A Potluck

Babylon Bee – Weird But True: Two Christian High Schools Have Been Stuck In A Tied Football Game For Six Months After Both Teams Invoked Philippians 4:13


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