All Around the Web – March 17, 2019

AATWKevin DeYoung – Were the First Christians Socialists?

John Stonestreet – Asteroids and the Improbability of Our Existence

GetReligion – Mainstream press still ignoring church vandalism in France — even after Notre Dame fire

Evangelical History – Will the Real Shakespeare Please Stand Up? Looking at Historical Fallacies

SBTS – When should a member consider leaving a church?

Thom Rainer – Why Some Church Members Don’t Want Their Church to Grow

Chuck Lawless – 7 Signs That You’re Cocooned in the Church World

Facts & Trends – 10 Answers to Inevitable Questions When Launching a New Group

Justin Taylor – How to Lead an Elder Meeting

Tim Challies – The Book Your Pastor Wishes You Would Read (But Is Too Embarrassed to Ask)

Practical Shepherding – How are pastors to do the work of an evangelist?

Babylon Bee – Twitter Bans Official AOC Account After Mistaking It For Satire

Babylon Bee – Constitutional Crisis: Trump Is Visiting The National Archives While Eating A Meatball Sub

Babylon Bee – Report: All Six Men Attracted To Feminists Deeply Affected By Sex Strike

Babylon Bee – Presbyterian Minister Reminds Congregation To Keep Hands And Arms Inside The Pews Until Service Comes To A Full And Complete Stop

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