All Around the Web – March 16, 2019

AATWAlbert Mohler – Human Rights, Human Dignity, and Religious Liberty: A Conversation with United States Ambassador Samuel Brownback

David French – No, Georgia’s Heartbeat Bill Won’t Imprison Women Who Have Abortions

Andrew Walker – Can weaponry be humane?

Coffee and a Bible – 101 Small Ways to Share the Gospel

Thom Rainer – Hiring Several Part-time Staff Rather Than One Full-time Staffer – Rainer on Leadership #536

Facts & Trends – The Church’s Mission of Making a Difference

TGC – Why Christianity Quit Growing in Korea

Facts & Trends – 6 Keys For Pastors in Maintaining Mental Health

Chuck Lawless – 8 Ways that False Teaching Infiltrates the Church

John Piper – Walk with Me Through a Midlife Crisis

Babylon Bee – Alyssa Milano Launches Line Of Purity Rings

Babylon Bee – Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Astounded To Learn Anyone Takes Her Seriously

Babylon Bee – Jesus’s Leftist Tears Tumbler Uncovered Near Nazareth

Babylon Bee – Apostle Peter Cringes While Reading Gospel Accounts Of All The Dumb Stuff He Did


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