All Around the Web – May 11, 2019

AATWRussell Moore – Why Do Dying Men Call for “Mama?”

Albert Mohler – The New Thought Police? Facebook’s Evicted Seven And The Future of Free Speech

John Stonestreet – Trans Children and Parental Rights

Justin Taylor – Stop Saying the Ancient Israelites Believed the Sky Was a Big Solid Dome with a Heavenly Sea Above It

Action Institute – Thanos the revolutionary

Thom Rainer – Five of the Biggest Disappointments in Church Revitalization & Replanting – Revitalize & Replant #092

Chuck Lawless – 7 Prayers My Pastoral Hero Prays Every Day

Facts & Trends – 3 Things to Do When Caring for Sexual Abuse Survivors

Denny Burk – Should churches allow women to preach to men?

Pew Research Center – 10 countries with the largest Christian populations, 2015 and 2060

Babylon Bee – Man Receives Really Important Spiritual Gift Of Stacking Chairs

Babylon Bee – Bernie Sanders Makes Campaign Stop At Azkaban

Babylon Bee – Ocasio-Cortez Terrified After Discovering Bizarre Object In Washington: The Constitution

Babylon Bee – Brave Pro-Abortion Legislator Challenges Group Of Nuns To Fistfight

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