All Around the Web – May 10, 2019

AATWRussell Moore – Instagram, Twitter, and the Longing for Approval

Samuel James – The Besetting Sin of Christian Worldview Education

David French – The First Rule of Social-Media Censorship Is That There Are No Rules

9Marks – 5 Reasons Pastors Ought to Pray for Slow Growth

WORLD – Fears about 13 Reasons Why Confirmed

IMB – Understanding Social Pressure in Islam

TGC – Why Did Jesus Need to Be Baptized?

Justin Taylor – The Greatest Archaeological Discovery of the 20th Century: An Interview with a Renowned Expert on the Dead Sea Scrolls

Thom Rainer – Six Reasons Prayer Is Moving Hundreds of Churches to Revitalize

Chuck Lawless – Risks and Joys of Giving God a Blank Check

Tim Challies – The Wonderful, Glorious Jesus

New York Times – Why You Should Start Binge-Reading Right Now

Babylon Bee – Calvinist Worship Leader’s Beard Gets Caught In Guitar Strings Again

Babylon Bee – Fender Introduces New Two-String, Five-Fret Design For Church Bassists

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