All Around the Web – May 9, 2019

AATWTrevin Wax – Easter and the Power of the Firstfruits

John Stonestreet – Disabilities, Identity, and Healing

David French – Why Facebook’s Bans Warrant Concern

TGC – When We Coddle Porn

Denny Burk – All Flesh Is Like Grass

Thom Rainer – Seven Key Ways to Alleviate the Pain of Low Attendance Days – Rainer on Leadership #534

Chuck Lawless – 5 Ways to Move from Prayer to Proclamation in Evangelism

Facts & Trends – The Surprising Enemy of the Modern Church: Distraction

Evangelical History – The Fault Lines of Biblical Scholarship

Crossway – How to Pray for Your Unborn Child

WORLD – Author Rachel Held Evans Dies at Age 37

TGC – Don Carson and Mike Kruger on Persistent Myths about the New Testament

Babylon Bee – Bernie Sanders Campaign To Reach Out To Younger Americans Via Telegraph

Babylon Bee – Facebook SWAT Team Arrests Man For Illegal Possession Of Conservative Views

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