All Around the Web – April 20, 2019

AATWRussell Moore – Notre Dame Cathedral and the Power of Place

Kevin DeYoung – Salvation by Propitiation

John Stonestreet – As Notre Dame Burned

Chuck Lawless – 8 Reasons Church Pain Can be the Worst Pain

TGC – Say No to the Gospel of Self-Forgiveness

SBTS – 10 priorities for the busy pastor

Facts & Trends – The 3 Hardest People to Disciple—and How to Reach Them

Thom Rainer – Five Things That Masked the Death of a Church

TGC – What Luther Would Say to Silicon Valley

Facts & Trends – Fewer Than Half of UK Christians Believe Biblical Story of Easter

Outside Online – The Best Hike in Every State

Babylon Bee – Apple Releases Feminist Siri Who Refuses To Listen

Babylon Bee – Pope Francis Mourns Excess Carbon Emissions Given Off By Notre Dame Fire

Babylon Bee – In Intense Televised Debate, Pete Buttigieg Handily Defeats Straw Man Fashioned To Look Like Mike Pence

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