All Around the Web – April 15, 2019

AATWTrevin Wax – 3 Books To Help Church Leaders Understand Gen Z (or iGen)

John Stonestreet – Religious Freedom is for All

Facts & Trends – 7 Critical Issues for Your Easter Service Preparation

Thom Rainer – Some Common and Not-So-Common Facility Prohibitions in Replants & Revitalizing Churches – Revitalize & Replant #088

TGC – What to Pray for Your Search Committee

Facts & Trends – 4 Convictions about the Pastor and Technology

TGC – 4 Ways to Shepherd Your Flock through Textual Variants

Facts & Trends – Pastors Satisfied With Discipleship Efforts, But Recognize Room for Growth

Letter & Liturgy – A Social Media Exodus Is Coming

TGC – When Disciplining Kids Doesn’t Seem to Make a Difference

Babylon Bee – Bernie Sanders Advocates For Separate Socialisms For Poor People And Rich People

Babylon Bee – Study: 78% Of Worship Bands Could Use More Cowbell

Babylon Bee – Progressives Officially Redefine ‘Hate Speech’ As ‘Speech We Do Not Like’

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