All Around the Web – March 19, 2019

AATWJoe Carter – The Age of Terrorism Meets the Era of the Troll

John Stonestreet – The College Admissions Scandal

Justin Taylor – Four Daily Prayers from John Calvin

Managing Your Church – Seventh Circuit: Clergy Housing Allowance Is Constitutional

Thom Rainer – Top Seven Major Facility Mistakes of the Past 20 Years – Rainer on Leadership #519


Facts & Trends – 4 Ways the Gospel Seems Backwards to the World

Ligonier – Who Was Saint Patrick and Should Christians Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Facts & Trends – 3 Ways to Fight Cynicism When Church Members Leave

NYT Magazine – Four Daily Prayers from John Calvin

Visual Capitalist – What Happens in an Internet Minute in 2019?

Babylon Bee – New Report Indicates Audiences Were Bribed To Laugh At ‘Full House’

Babylon Bee – Bernie Sanders Captures Leprechaun To Confiscate Gold For Redistribution

Babylon Bee – Op-Ed: The Key To Stopping Mass Shootings Is To Pass Sensible Legislation Against Thoughts And Prayers

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