All Around the Web – March 16, 2019

AATWRod Dreher – Why We Hate Them, Why They Hate Us

Facts & Trends – 4 Ways to Support Your Pastor’s Spouse

John Stonestreet – Abortion Survivors Speak Out

Crossway – 10 Things You Should Know about Genesis 1–3

Chuck Lawless – 9 Reasons Why I’m Excited about Evangelism Today

Jason K. Allen – Three Reasons Why Young People Leave the Church

Thom Rainer – 7 Characteristics of Highly Effective Pastors

Facts & Trends – 10 Most Encouraging Things Said to Pastors

Facts & Trends – 6 Reasons I Preached on LGBTQ Issues

Tim Challies – Should Christians “Self Care?”

Variety – Netflix’s Cindy Holland Says Subscribers Watch an Average of Two Hours a Day

Babylon Bee – Man Feels The Need To Clarify He Doesn’t Support Trump Before Every Mundane Statement

Babylon Bee – Southern Baptist Pastor Resigns In Disgrace After Admitting He Does Not Like Casseroles

Babylon Bee – Exasperated Olive Garden Waitress Asks Bernie Sanders If He’s Just Gonna Sit There Eating Free Breadsticks All Night

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