All Around the Web – March 13, 2019

AATWAndrew Walker – The Equality Act Accelerates Anti-Christian Bias

Thom Rainer – New Research and Insights on the Online Church

CBC – From sacred to secular: Canada set to lose 9,000 churches, warns national heritage group

Chuck Lawless – 12 More Reflections from Church “Spies”

John Stonestreet – Give up Contempt for Lent

Facts & Trends – 7 Things Working Moms Need From the Church

Sam Storms – 10 Things You Should Know about Paul’s Letter to Laodicea

Denny Burk – Is Gay Okay for Christians? What about Transgender?

Tim Challies – What’s the Purpose (and the Benefit) of Family Devotions?

Crossway – Kid’s Bible Reading Plans

Crossway – 4 Essential Things to Remember When Disciplining Your Children

Babylon Bee – Democrats To Condemn Omar’s Anti-Semitic Statements After Dealing With More Important Issues Like Advocating For Infanticide

Babylon Bee – Devout Atheist Playing ‘Minecraft’ Patiently Waits For Complex Structures To Build Themselves

Babylon Bee – Nation’s Gen Xers Announce Plan To Just Sit Back And Enjoy Watching Boomers, Millennials Tear Each Other To Shreds

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